Family Home in Georgia

Family Home in Georgia

Rena Barclay

Be creative when trimming curtains. A beautiful Silk Stripe ( this one from Colefax & Fowler) is gently enhanced with a contrast silk band and elegant, but simple, tassle fringe ( again, Colefax & Fowler). The combination of the two is unusual, but finishes off the window treatment beautifully.

Rena Barclay - cushions, sofa

When designing cushions for your room, don’t do the expected. Using this Leopard Patterned Cut Velvet¬† with the Printed Floral gives the room a “lift” and adds texture to the scheme. The Leopard pattern is only used on the cushions, which adds interest and avoids repetition. Of course, a bit of repetition in the use of fabrics is needed in a room as it links the different elements of the scheme together. For example, by using the Printed Floral as cushions and then repeating it on the Antique French Chair, a cohesive interior is created.

Floral Louis XVI French Chair

The Stylized Floral Print is used on a Louis XVI French Chair as well as on the cushions on the Camel Back Sofa.

Rena Barclay - bookshelf

Bookshelves play an important role in any room adding much needed storage. However, if accessorized correctly, bookshelves can also become a wonderful niche of decorative display. Don’t be afraid of combining pieces of ceramics and porcelain, antique boxes or any other interesting objects in with your books. Also, it is sometimes nice to paint the back of the bookcase with a contrast colour drawn from the room’s colour scheme. In this instance, I chose a shade of blue to highlight the objects in the bookcase and to create contrast from the neutral walls.

Rena Barclay - living room, area rug

A conventional rectangular Area Rug does not work in every design situation. Because of the placement of the columns leading from the Entrance Hall into the Living Room, it became apparent that this was one of those occasions. The Zebra Rug was the perfect answer to our problem as it adds warmth and pattern to the room, but it’s asymmetrical shape overcame the confines of the boundary set by the columns.

Rena Barclay - table and chairs

Paint is a fabulous tool to use when it comes to freshening up old furniture. These Shield Back reproduction chairs were a very boring brown, however by applying a special paint finish, the chairs have gone from dull to exciting. They work very well around the more traditional Dining Table.